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Catherine Cardinal has helped thousands of people.

With book endorsements from both Jack Canfield and John Gray in her best-selling book, A Cure for the Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self-Esteem, Catherine’s years of experience working with groups and individuals and regular radio and television appearances has honed her Cardinal Technique; a dynamic, intuitive technique which facilitates clients experiencing profound breakthroughs in just a few sessions. She helps you meet your goals, quickly and with long lasting results. These pages feature information regarding her accomplishments including Media Appearances, Publications and Testimonials.

Announcing WISE WOMEN ROCK!!

wwrCatherine Cardinal's new site "Wise Women Rock" is a must-see for all women who are tired of being stuck and are ready to begin a new chapter in their life! Catherine's trademark of down-to-earth advice, compassion and easy to apply self-help tools continue on this unique site for all rockin' women! A culmination of over two decades of Catherine's coaching work and studies, the site reaches across all socio-economic and cultural boundaries, and can touch each and every woman who is struggling in her life. There's great information here on, but if you have some extra time, also check out Wise Women Rock. It offers you the opportunity to learn the skills of making better choices, improving your self-esteem and self confidence and most importantly, feeling more personally empowered!

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Real Men Rock!

There's great information here on for both men and women, but to read more about how Catherine specifically helps men find their true inner power, click here on Real Men Rock!!.

A Cure for the Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self-Esteem

A small but deceptively powerful book, A Cure for the Common Life pinpoints 10 specific ways to recognize the root cause of common problems and determine a realistic route for improvement. Written in a clear, thoughtful, heart-to-heart style, Catherine Cardinal's book gives you the confidence and support to finally take that giant Click hereTo purchase this book,


Men To Run From

Men to Run from is Catherine Cardinal's witty and compassionate guide to men that teaches women how to spot the keepers from the throwbacks. Women will learn to recognize the telltale signs of types like Microscope Man, The C'mere Go Away Guy, or the Kid in the Candy Store and others whose behavior only leads to frustration and heartache. To visit the Men To Run From website, visit


Certified Anderson and Anderson Stress & Anger Management Facilitator

Utilizing the George Anderson method, the consultant for the blockbuster movie "Anger Management," starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, she helps you find the solutions you need to manage stress and anger. .Read More

Couples Coaching

The bad news—the divorce rate in California is at 60% and 50% nationwide. The good news—with proper guidance, marriages can be saved. Catherine knows that most all problems in a marriage stem from unresolved anger and resentment. Catherine helps the couple get to deepest cause of their negative dynamic and out of their anger. If you can find the root cause under the repetitive fights, you can shift the relationship into a workable, harmonious place. Read More

Attention Women

Are you dating? How's that going for you? In these times where the 'rules' of dating are based on the latest pop fad, and the Internet sets the pace for meeting people, how do you know, REALLY know how to do it RIGHT?. Read More

Attention Men

There are skills for you too. Have you met the woman of your dreams? Are you an eligible, sincere guy and tired of having your heart broken? Let Catherine help you to recognize the women who are worth investing time and money on and those that are not. Save yourself some heartache—learn the skills! Read More