Catherine Cardinal: The Self-Esteem and Relationship Expert

Change your life, live your dream...

Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D. is an Internationally Certified Relationship Coach and a member of Resource Realizations, a certified Hypnotherapist, Movement Expression therapist and an Anger Management Facilitator.

The Self-Esteem And Relationship Coach

Her client base is composed of people from all professions and backgrounds, from celebrities to teachers to homemakers. Her trademark is an integrated approach which yields positive results in a short period of time.

Catherine Cardinal has also found that as a published author, she's been able to utilize mass media to reach and help vast numbers of people. Magazines and television have also offered her the opportunity to educate and inform on topics, which positively influence individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Since appearing on television and radio, she is frequently contacted by corporations and community groups to deliver talks on topics that are of concern to them. She is also an expert at addresssing a broad range of issues that affect individuals private and professional lives.

Couples Coaching

The bad news- the divorce rate in California is at 60% and 50% nationwide. The good news- with proper guidance, marriages can be saved. Catherine knows that most all problems in a marriage stem from unresolved conflicts and resentment. Catherine helps the couple get to the deepest cause of their negative dynamic and facilitates a positive, forward moving shift. If you can find the root cause under the repetitive fights, you can shift the relationship into a workable, harmonious place. By using her Coaching, stress and anger management and hypnotherapy skills, results can be quick and efficient.

We were referred to Catherine for Relationship Coaching by a friend who knew we were having marital problems. We are both in high stress jobs in the entertainment industry and were fighting often.

Within the first visit we felt comfortable and in good hands. My husband was hesitant to come, thinking the women would gang up on him. But Catherine made us both feel at ease and helped us see the root of our constant arguments .I feel confident that with the anger management skills we learned we have a much better chance of making our relationship work.

Thank you Catherine, we are grateful!
F.M & T.M

Attention Women!

Are you dating? How's that going for you? In these times where the 'rules' of dating are based on the latest pop fad, and the Internet sets the pace for meeting people, how do you know, REALLY know how to do it RIGHT?

Coach Catherine is getting exceptional results in teaching women how to get what they want. Her skills are based on over 22 years of private practice and ladies, she CAN tell you what you are doing wrong and get you on track. She can help you sift through the profiles on the Internet and weed out the ones you don't want to waste your time on. And she can teach you how to know within one to two dates whether someone is full of BS or a true and real possibility.

There are SKILLS to dating and most women have not learned these skills. Catherine knows them and can help you improve your track record.

“I was consistently dating the same kind of guy; artistic, non-committal and narcissistic. I wanted a child and I was getting on into my 30’s. Finally, after this one guy devastated my heart, I went to see Catherine. She taught me formulas to dating and I applied them. I was doing so well, I stopped going to see Catherine, and then I happen to run into her a few months ago. She asked me how I was doing. I was proud to say “I am married to a wonderful loving man and have a year old child.” I told her it was because of what I learned from her and she asked me to write this testimonial. So here it is. Thank you Catherine. You changed my life.”

SD-- homemaker, Topanga CA

To learn more about dealing with men, dating, and relationships, buy Catherine's new book Men To Run From... So You Can Find The Right One To Run To by clicking here.

Attention Men!

There are skills for you too. Have you met the woman of your dreams? Are you an eligible, sincere guy and tired of having your heart broken? Let Catherine help you to recognize the women who are worth investing time and money on and those that are not. Save yourself some heartache—learn the skills!

Every man has a potential for inner and outer greatness. Catherine has seen how men can be stifled and stunted in their personal growth by being with the 'wrong' women, women who emasculate them by putting them down and draining their energy. She has helped many men get clear on their choices and discover their deepest sense of purpose and masculinity. She UNDERSTANDS men and what they need and can teach you to be more effective in every area of your life

Catherine is also on staff at S.A.M.I.

The Stress and Anger Management Institute offers services people need today more than ever. We live in a fast-paced, highly competitive society in a post 9/11 world, full of stress and anxiety. Whether it's just trying to make the rent, or climbing the corporate ladder, we're all dealing with rising home prices, unreasonable gasoline prices, gridlocked traffic and crazy drivers. And that's all before we get to work. Factor in the age-old tug-of-war between career and parenting, and it's no wonder that we're all way too stressed out. How we handle this stress is the key to living a healthy, happy, successful life.

S.A.M.I. was founded with this in mind. The Institute is dedicated to improving communication skills, managing stress and anger, and mastering emotional intelligence. We offer an employee training program for businesses seeking improved employee communications. This program can benefit small and large companies alike, improving inter-office efficiency and overall company productivity. It is beneficial in decreasing workplace conflict and health problems that lead to costly sick days. We stress proactive learning and smart decision making, which all starts by raising emotional intelligence in the workplace.

S.A.M.I. also provides a one-on-one individual, sensitive intervention model for health care professionals. We offer personally designed classes for couples and parents, with the emphasis on communication tools for strengthening relationships or growing children.

This curriculum is currently being used in various after-school programs, universities, and prisons, as well as in organizational training for businesses and corporations.

Certified Anderson and Anderson Stress & Anger Management Facilitator

Utilizing the George Anderson method, the consultant for the blockbuster movie "Anger Management," starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, she helps you find the solutions you need to manage stress and anger.

Angry?  Do you feel pushed to the max? These are stressful times. Things are moving so fast and life can feel unbearably hard at times, resulting in uncontrollable feelings such as helplessness, hopelessness and frustration. These then turn into stress and anger.

Coach Catherine has years of experience in treating these all too common feelings. She understands what causes them and offers comprehensive solutions to this complicated problem. She specializes in the Anderson and Anderson technique of Anger Management, as featured  in the movie “Anger Management” starring Adam Sandler, and is a certified Anger Management Facilitator. Coupled with her many years as a coach, Catherine gets results.

“I was stressed and acting out. My wife and I were fighting daily. She recommended I get some counseling and I found Catherine Cardinal in the yellow pages. She helped me with practical methods that allowed me to understand myself, control my anger and make new and better choices. My relationship improved with my wife and my co-workers. What I appreciated about Catherine was how apparent it was that she truly cared about me and my getting better. I would recommend her to anyone facing these same issues.”

TW—Marketing Director

Rejuvalife - With Andre Berger, M.D.

Dr. Berger is a visionary in the emerging field of holistic and anti-aging medicine, and the driving force behind Rejuvalife Vitality Institute. Dr. Berger’s philosophy incorporates a holistic approach to anti-aging therapies, with a special emphasis on customized patient care, education and lifestyle changes.

He has a strong belief that a balance of complementary therapy, traditional medicine and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are the key to our emotional, physical and mental well-being. And, he focuses on prevention rather than the just the cure.

These are not medical or licensed services and do not qualify for insurance. The DSM diagnostic evaluation does not apply.